Use Postal Mail? Get Informed Delivery!

Many businesses and financial institutions now provide e-billing and e-statements.  You can pay online using their secure website and even receive recurring bills or account statements sent directly to your email address.  No more snail mail!  If this sounds like you, you might check out earlier post about Work and personal email addresses related to the pros/cons of using your work email address.  However, if you’re like me, you still like certain things sent to you the old fashioned way.  There are some things that I don’t want to risk getting blocked in an email filter or lost in a sea of email.

Not long ago, I came across this service from the United States Postal Service called Informed Delivery.  It helps me to connect my paper Inbox on the front of my house to my digital Inbox.  Each day between 8 and 10 AM, I get a single email from the Postal Service with pictures of each piece of mail that is pending delivery to my house.  I open the email and the front images of the mail pieces display right there in the e-mail.  It also tells me if I have any packages scheduled for delivery through USPS.  I don’t have to click a link or login to their website.  I simply open the email and can quickly see a picture of the mail that is coming to my house today.


This is super helpful if you have kids, a spouse or roommates that like to grab the mail before you get home from work, rummage through it and toss it somewhere nonchalantly.  It only takes ONE missed paper bill or credit card statement to upset your credit score.  Informed Delivery helps me see when important mail is being delivered and helps me know what to look for when I get home.

If mail theft is a concern in your area, Informed Delivery will also help you know when you are missing a mail piece and gives you a way to report missing mail to the post office and how to deal with it.

Informed Delivery FAQs

Informed Delivery Home

Be sure to like this post if its beneficial to you.  And leave a comment or question.  I’ll answer any questions about my experience.


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