Threatening Voicemail Scams

I got a phone call today from 951-387-3979.  I missed the call.  So glad they left me this informative voicemail.  I’ve attached the audio below followed by a transcript.

This is not a solicitation call.  There is currently a motion being filed to suspend all bank accounts bearing your name and social security number.  To review all immediate rights and details and avoid all further proceedings from being filed, contact us back immediately today at 1-800-268-0307. Thank you.

It was a couple of years ago when I got my first call from a supposed creditor, and a second, third, fourth, fifth call…I don’t remember how many times they called me before giving up.  It distracted me and I spent time wondering about it.  I checked my credit reports to see if there was anything negative on my credit report–nothing to see.  They kept calling.  And eventually it stopped and nothing more came from it.

These kinds of calls can be alarming especially if you have anything going on that’s legal or financial in nature.  I heard a story recently from a guy who got one of these calls threatening legal action if he didn’t pay up immediately.  The guy happened to have recently been ticketed/cited for a traffic violation and connected the phone call to that event.  He ended up giving his debit card number over the phone to avoid any further consequences.   Later on, upon coming to his senses, he called his bank to cancel the debit card/account.  Its a great example of clever social engineering and perfect timing to defraud someone.

Watch this two minute micro training on threatening voicemail scams
Courtesy of Breach Secure Now and OXEN Technology [used with permission]

Have you received similar calls?  Share your experience with us in the comments below.


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