Not all data backups are created equal

I see a lot of computers, servers and networks–both personally and professionally.  And there are a few things we’ve got to talk about and data backup is one of them.  Important questions to ask about your data backup system:

#1 – What does it backup and how does it do it?  Does it backup files, folders, databases or my Windows software?

#2 – How easy is it to restore data from the backup?  Can I restore a file, folder or the entire system?  How long does it take to restore?

#3 – Is my backup data secure from ransomware or malicious software that can seek and destroy my backup data?

#4 – Is my sensitive data encrypted or protected from unauthorized access if lost or stolen?  (think external hard drives or USB devices)

#5 – Does my backup system have history to enable me to restore files from different points in time?

#6 – Does my backup store data securely offsite in a cloud in case of a disaster or other loss?

Another topic I want to write on soon is how to backup your social media accounts or mobile devices.  Many of us use our phones exclusively (instead of a PC or Mac) and we’re storing more personal content than ever.  How can we protect and preserve our valuable memories?

Let’s start a discussion:  what kind of data backup system do you have?  Leave a comment below.  And follow the blog via email (top right) so we can stay in touch on this topic.


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