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My name is Terry Allen.  I am an “IT Professional” with nearly 23 years of professional work experience.  Including my “enthusiast” experience, I’ve been around computers for over 34 years!  I’ve grown up with computers, servers, software and the networks that connect them.  Present day, I’m a full-time technical engineer (one of my hats) working with a variety of small to medium businesses in the Midwest providing a range of technology solutions.


I wear a lot of hats, see a lot of technical issues, work in a variety of environments, face continual challenge, grow constantly–and I hope to share some of that with you through this forum.  Through this process, I welcome connecting with you and look forward to collaborating around our daily work.  I encourage a dialogue & collaboration between contributors.

BLOGGIN’ IT – v1.0

This is an experiment without any warranties expressed or implied.  We’re going to start slowly and build this one post at a time.   Site aesthetics will improve over time as I hope an audience and participation will.


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2 thoughts on “Welcome & initial post

  1. Hey Terry! Long time no talk!

    Effective passwords and security questions seem to present quite a hurdle for many people. It is certainly understandable given the number or sites, accounts, services, etc. that most people interact with these days.

    You make a good point by using a password manager such as Lastpass. That one is my favorite. I also keep a list of user names and passwords in a MS Word document. You might say whoa…that’s not safe, and you would be correct if this Word doc were just sitting on my hard drive or a cloud service somewhere.

    I actually use Veracrypt and create a highly encrypted container file that I store the Word doc in. I have to mount the encrypted container as a drive, then I can access the Word doc.

    Security questions are troublesome. It wouldn’t take too much of a pretext effort to apply some social engineering to defeat that technique, but to be fair, it does provide an extra layer (albeit thin) of protection.

    John Rokes, M.S., CISSP


    1. Hey John… great to hear from you! That CISSP credential looks mighty nice behind your name.

      I think MS Word started using AES encryption on their documents with a password a few versions ago. Requires trusting their implementation of it. That would be doable for the average Joe. I’ve heard of but never used Veracrypt. Salute to TrueCrypt!

      My emphasis on the security questions isn’t the reliability of them in securing your account but that vendors, like Apple, REQUIRE you to identify your answers to them and elevate them to primary factors of authentication. To authenticate myself to Apple, I had to:
      1) Reset my Apple password through a working email account
      2) Know the answers to all three (presumably) security questions
      3) Be able to login and access the support PIN on Apple.com

      Only after we exhausted this effort in two different phone calls over two days did they ask me to verify the first 6 and last 4 digits of my credit card AND the expiration date. That would have been the easiest to start with… BUT it so happened that I had closed that credit card number due to it being lost and it happened to be the account on file. You can’t get the expiration date from the credit card company (Discover won’t release it) and most statements don’t provide the full card number. Tough spot.


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